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Who we are

We have a retail shop at Selayang area and we not able to do online purchase due to the cost are different for any different gown. Why rent a gown ? Some of us always think that we are just going to wear the gown once , why should we buy it? if you buy it, will you wear the dress to any dinner that you need to attend? But who wants to wear the same dress to their dinner? That is why we encourage our customers to rent because every girls should deserves for a elegant dress for every one of their dinner or any important occasion. But if you purchase it, after you have wore it, you may sell it to others that need it, and gain some profit . Therefore again, it is more wise to buy a wedding gown from us . Do PM us for more details. 我們的實店位於士來央 並且我們沒有提供網上交易的服務,因為我們的禮服由於訂製的關係所以價錢都不一樣。 為甚麼要租禮服呢? 我們時常會覺得禮服只會穿一次,為甚麼我們要買呢? 如果買了,你會穿那件禮服去每個晚宴嗎? 但是有誰會想要一直穿同一件禮服去晚宴呢? 這是為什麼我們建議我們的顧客租禮服因為每個女人每次出席晚宴或重要的場合都穿上一件優雅的禮服。 如果想了解更多可以私信我們。

What make us special

Our unique point is clothes modification. Good quality bridal gowns , dinner dress and more for rental at affordable price. Our gowns and clothing are mostly customized . 我們以實惠的价格出租優質的婚紗,晚裝和多樣化的服裝。 我們大部分的禮服和服装都是訂制的。


Frequently asked questions

We have more than ten thousand pieces of cloths for your choice.
We provide size from S to XXXL, or even greater are available too.
Our shop provide clothes modifications and adding accessories services.
Our unique point is clothes modification, for example, if the dress is too long and we can help to shorten it.
We do help our customer to mix and match. Makeup, hairdo, outfit and accessories full set for your event.

Package or Services

Wedding Gowns, Dinner Dresses, Cheong-Sam, National Costume, Coat for Men and wide range of outfit are available.
Professional makeup and hairdo for your special occasion.
Just tell us what occasion you are going, and we will mix and match full set for you.
From theme to custom-made outfit is not a problem. Performances, beauty contest, company dinner, environmental theme and all kind of theme could be found here.