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Who we are

I love beautiful objects, crave all things lovely, and being part of a blossoming love story – the giddy happiness as a bride gets ready; the love shining out of dad’s eyes as he walks her down the aisle; the elation on their faces upon ‘you may kiss your bride!'; the anticipation of parenthood; and best of all are babbling, salivating, gummy babies!

What make us special

Ever since my dad gave me my first fujifilm analogue camera and I decorated it with loads of tiny stickers (in my defense, I was only 7!), my passion for photography began. With a family in the photography business, I remember very fondly, watching my dad work in the darkroom, and the gorgeous images appearing as if by magic. I first learned I had a good eye for photography when a friend mentioned how much they liked my photos. Armed with only an entry-level Canon 1000D with an 18-55mm kit lens, my friends became my first ‘customers’. Ever since then, I’ve been photographing people, and loving every minute of it.


Frequently asked questions

. the colour red makes me happy . i have an obshoession. a girl can never own too many pairs. . i love coffee - black please! no sugar . i want to see the world, a little at a time, or big chunks of it. . i've had a camera since I was 7. it was a tiny film camera with lots of stickers on it. it is to date, one of my favourite cameras.

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From saying YES! to the I do's to the anticipation of new life, as your tummy grows bigger, and the expanding waistlines. To gummy, drooling babies; smiley, doting grandparents; nursing mommies - let me be a part of creating memories together with your family, through photographs!